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The RNG Gods is an international community of friends, (mostly) skilled gamers and streamers from Twitch.TV. We will gladly share both salty losses and "like a baws" victories with all of you. Join us for quality and fun content!

The RNG Gods started out as a friendship group by TheJasonShow and Gamalyst and quickly became that and more.

We've been around since the 7th of February 2015 and started out as a group on steam, TheJasonShow wanting to bring together his friendship group from Twitch. We then tried other social media communication platforms and settled on using Discord.

This website is to share content created by the community and is designed as a main "hub" where you can see all the latest going on around the group and check out all of our social media.

Make new friends in our forum and become a writer for our blog. There's multiple ways you can get involved.


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