Deal Breakers! (Classic Video Games Part 2)

So now that we know where to find vintage video games, and the pros and cons that come with them, it’s time to talk about the quality. Now if you’ve read my previous blog post, then you know we covered, the three different prices for one game. But for those who may not of read the previous post, we will review. Loose price, which is just the game or cartridge without the case or box. The Complete price, which is a disk or cartridge with the original case or box, and the booklet. And the Sealed price, which is a disc, or cartridge still in its original case or box, which also has the factory seal.

We’ve caught up on three types of prices for games, now for conditions that might be deal breakers. Some of these things might be obvious, but they’re certainly worth mentioning when looking for games to buy. First thing you want to avoid is, a overly cracked case, this more less pertains to consoles with disc based games, such as PS1, Dreamcast, Sega CD, Atari Jaguar CD, PC, and Saga Saturn. Now it is important to note, that if the discs aren’t scratched up, but the case is a little cracked, its wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy it. (You can always find another legit case, with all the artwork in better condition if need be.)

Cases like this should be avoided. I had to learn the hard way years ago.

Another thing that will be a deal breaker, and this is one of the more obvious ones; Scratches! Now, it goes without saying that disc based games can very easily get scratched over the years. This pertains to any disc based system. Again, there are exceptions…If a game is lightly scratched, but the case is in great condition, and has the original booklet, it is okay to buy them. There are ways to remove light scratches from games, if you do decide to buy them from old school video game stores, most places do have their own surfacing machine that they will be happy to clean the disc for you upon buying. But I can’t stress it enough, avoid buying a game that has deep scratches, or cracks. As they will not read altogether, or will be very difficult, and won’t last. The condition of the discs ARE very much the worth of the game.

Here is an example of something you should pass on buying.

We’ve covered what to look out for on disc based games, now let’s talk cartridges. These can be a little harder to gauge the condition of. But

having an eye for detail makes all the difference. We will start with an easy one. If the artwork on the cartridge is scuffed up and/or peeled off in any way, you might not want to purchase that game. The same goes for the box, (Provided you’re buying a complete version.) You don’t wanna invest in a complete version of a game if the box is failing apart. Now cartridge systems, like NES, (Nintendo Entertainment System) SNES, (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) N64, (Nintendo 64) Sega, Atari 7800, Atari 5200 and Atari 2600, to name a few, can cost a lot of money for rarer titles. But don’t worry, they are also dirt cheap for the less rare titles.

Although a complete version, this is an example of a very damaged box.

Something else to avoid, would be heavy rattling. Now most people have played a cartridge based game, be it Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, etc. When those games first came out, when you shook the cartridge they wouldn’t make a sound. But a lot can make rattling noise now-a-days when you shake them. And while this usually isn’t too much of a problem, you still wanna avoid heavy rattling in a cartridge, unless you know how to open them up to solve the problem. (which we will indeed cover in later posts.)

It Is also important to mention that cartridge games can easily be forged, as in, they’re fakes. Which will we will get into down the road. Disc based games can also be foraged too, but it is much easier of a thing to spot. In the next blog post, we will cover how to catch these inconsistencies, to make sure you don’t accidentally buy a fake game. Hopefully we can avoid it happening! It hasn’t happened to me, (knock on wood!) Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog posts! I hope you found this informative. Until next week.

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