Google Stadia - What You Need To Know

Further to my blog on next generation consoles, Google has released more details of the Google Stadia platform at E3 2019. It is said that this new streaming service is going to revolutionise the gaming industry as we know it and completely turn it on its head.

What Is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a streaming platform that requires no console and not even a PC to be able to stream games directly into your home. Users simply connect via Google Chrome on PC, Chrome Cast Ultra on any smart TV and even through the Stadia app on any Pixel 3 smart phone.

Stadia uses Google data centers for all processing and graphics power giving you the ability to stream games in 4k HDR at 60fps with hopefully no or very little latency. Google have touted the game will stream so fast into your home, it will be faster than your brain can process the image you are seeing on your TV (quite the statement!).

Google has been building Stadia for the past 20+ years - Building and optimising their data centers to be able to process data seamlessly.

Stadia Pro

Stadia Pro will be releasing for USD$10 per month with this subscription required in order to stream in 4k HDR 60fps with 5.1 surround sound.

You will also have access to free games each month and you will be able to purchase games directly from the digital store front including exclusive discounts on select game purchases being a Stadia Pro subscriber.

Stadia Pro will be releasing in November this year to the following countries;















Other countries will get a release in 2020 and beyond.

Stadia Base

If you don't want to purchase a monthly subscription, you can still purchase games "a la carte" through the digital store front using Stadia Base. This is a free service with up to 1080p 60fps and stereo sound.

You won't get exclusive discounts on select game purchases like you do with Stadia Pro but you won't require a subscription to access this service which takes it away from the "Netflix" subscription model.

Stadia Base will not be released until 2020.

Stadia Founders Addition

For USD$129 you can pre-order Stadia Pro with the Founders Addition and receive;

- Three months of Stadia Pro (valued at ($30)

- Stadia "Night Blue" gaming controller (valued at USD$70)

- Chrome Cast Ultra (valued at USD$70)

- A "Buddy Pass" of Stadia Pro to give to a friend (3 months valued at $30)

- Destiny 2 Experience: Base game + All previous add-ons + New expansion, Shadowkeep + Annual pass + Ability to port all characters and save files from any console (valued at approx. USD $100)

That's around USD$300 worth of value but there are limited quantities.

By pre-ordering Stadia Founders Edition you will also get a limited edition night blue stadia controller.

Developers & Publishers Confirmed

Google has partnered with a range of publishers and developers to bring you the best in current games as well as those games not yet released. Some of the developers and publishers confirmed are;



Square Enix


Rockstar Games



This is in no way an extensive list as there are many more who will be partnering with Google but with some giants of the industry confirmed, Google Stadia will be set to release with quite a juicy catalogue of games.

Games Confirmed For Google Stadia

While some developers and publishers such as Rockstar Games, Capcom and EA are holding their cards close to their chests with regards to what games they will release to Google Stadia, there is a good list of games to start with that have been confirmed already;

Baldur's Gate 3

Doom Eternal

Doom (2016)

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Rage 2

The Elder Scrolls Online

Borderlands 3

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

The Division 2

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The Crew 2

Trials Rising

Just Dance

Darksiders Genesis

Final Fantasy XV

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Destiny 2

Mortal Kombat 11

Metro Exodus


Samurai Shodown


Get Packed


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


Football Manager

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Farming Simulator 2019

We can make some assumptions that Rockstar Games will release GTA:V and Red Dead Redemption 2 but these have not been officially confirmed. While Rockstar Games, EA and Capcom have all confirmed they will be including content exactly what will be released will be entirely at their discretion.

How Fast Does My Internet Need To Be?

This is the question on the tip of everyone's tongue, mine included. Google have said that you will need a 20-25mb connection in order to reliably stream games at 1080p with 60fps. While you can still stream games with as little as a 10mb connection for 720p at 60fps, in order to hit the high notes of 4k HDR with 60fps you will need at least a 30-35mb internet connection.

Overall it seems as though Google may be introducing a new way of gaming to us which could mean a detraction of sales for Sony and Microsoft in the console market. However, I still believe consoles and physical copies of games will still be with us at least for the immediate future.

There is now another major player in the gaming marketplace which I only think makes the gaming industry better. With new services and companies vying for our gaming dollars it truly is an exciting time to be a gamer and I look forward to seeing what is just over the horizon.

If you want to watch the Google Stadia E3 2019 presentation in its entirety, you can watch it all below.

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