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TheJasonShow Reviews: Novaflow

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

“Easy game to play, very difficult to master. Catchy soundtrack & super quick game play make for an entertaining and sometimes frustrating game. Highly recommend this if you love speedrunning!

I'm not one that plays a lot of speed running type games nor do I speed run games in general, I tend to play more simulator type games but from the moment I started playing this game it was a fantastic experience.

The controls are super easy to get a grasp of but when you throw speed in to the mix as well as many different game mechanics you can easy become confused and use the wrong colour at the wrong moment which makes you laugh at yourself in frustration.

There are many different mechanics and obstacles that are evenly introduced so when you think you have a grip on the game and think you are starting to get good something else is thrown at you to over come. There are also different paths you can take and you can capitalise on some of the mechanics so definately take your time and experiment and see how you can best your time.

The soundtrack to this game is really good and energetic, it really fits in with the pace of the game and it helps keep your adrenaline pumping! From the moment I starting playing this I was getting rushes of adrenaline and when you have a really good run you get a sense of satisfaction that keeps you wanting more.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. The format is basic in itself but it took me back to when games were simple and the more simple a game the more a wider audience can enjoy it as there aren't any steep learning curves to this... Just skill and an appreciation for your reflexes. After almost three hours of game play I looked at my shaky hands and felt exhilaration.

I really look forward to playing more of this title, I can see myself sinking more than a few more hours into it and look forward to playing this with friends and comparing times. Great to see an Australian indie developer throwing their hat in the ring and making something decent that everyone can enjoy.

Thumbs up!

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